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Our story

Technolawgical Partners is a boutique law firm that services individuals and companies of all organisational sizes throughout the creative and tech industry. Established with the principles of 21st century global operational standards, we pride ourselves in our dynamic and modern approach to employing the law as a social engineer to professionally providing long lasting solutions and full proof protection for our clients.

technolawgical partner

Why we started

The recent buzz of African being the next hub of Economic power coupled with the recent rise, in the last decade, of the Entertainment and Cyberspace/Technology Industries, the increase in creation of Start-ups/SMEs across various Industries and Sectors of the African Economy came with a need to have well-seasoned Legal Practitioners with in-depth experience and involvement to offer services, with global standards, to validate transactions between parties.

technolawgical partner

The future we see

We believe in the African dream and the future of the African youth to bring solutions to our challenges in Africa and the world at large. We see a future where we at Technolawgical Partners are contributory to the actualization of the African Dream by enlightenment, education and sensitization of our community in developing creative, innovative, productive and profitable in the process of finding indigenous solutions.


Our Practices

TP’s expertise in intellectual property matters covers a wide range of the subject’s sub branches. Our lawyers are particularly skilled to handle intellectual property matters in Nigeria, Africa and in the United Kingdom.

We service a wide range of clients from individuals to organizations and ensure a professional upscale service. Intellectual Property is a wide subject matter but our people are well versed in the following areas

• Copyright concerns (includes notification)

• Trademark (includes registration, renewal, enforcement etc)

• Patents and Designs (includes drafting of processes, registration, negotiations of franchising and licensing deals)

• Intellectual Property Valuation.

TP prides itself in having a consortium of the best entertainment lawyers in the country with practical experience in the creative industry as stakeholders also. With a cumulative experience profile of Seven years in both the Nigerian and United Kingdom industries, you can be rest assured that we understand the entirety of your business as business men and lawyers.

Music Law

• Music company structuring consultancy (Record label, music distribution, publishing company etc)

• Contract law and negotiations

• Endorsement deals facilitation

• Music event legal management

• Company secretarial services

• Project financing and supervision

• Publishing and distribution matters

• Content Acquisition, Licensing and Management

• Facilitation and management of international relationships

Film Law

• Film company structuring (Production houses, distribution company, Joint ventures etc)

• Legal Project Management (Pre production, production and post production phases)

• Insurance (Intellectual property insurance and project insurance)

• Project Financing (Investment facilitation, investment packaging)

• Distribution and licensing matters

• Co-production project management

Sports Law

• Client representation

• Licensing (Merchandising, image licensing)

With the rapid advancement of technology in our country, our lawyers are equipped with the expertise to handle all kinds of tech briefs. This includes but not only limited to:

• Technology licensing and acquisitionTechnology transfer and franchising

• Non disclosure agreements

• Terms and conditions of technology use

At TP we have qualified dispute resolutions experts specialized in entertainment and tech matters. Our lawyers belong to relevant bodies that certifies practitioners in this field.

Alongside being solicitors, we are highly skilled in handling litigation issues at any stage of disputes in any court.

As lawyers that understand the importance of Corporate Social responsibilities, we create sustainable innovations for both our clients and our communities.

One of the best benefits of working with our firm is our detailed attention in handling our clients’ tax matters and ensuring total compliance with the federal and state requirements. We are particularly skilled in providing special tax care for the creative stakeholders in our Nigerian entertainment industry.


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we pride ourselves in our dynamic and modern approach to employing the law as a social engineer to professionally providing long lasting solutions and full proof protection for our clients.
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