TP prides itself in having a consortium of the best entertainment lawyers in the country with practical experience in the creative industry as stakeholders also. With a cumulative experience profile of Seven years in both the Nigerian and United Kingdom industries, you can be rest assured that we understand the entirety of your business as business men and lawyers. Our area of expertise includes but not limited to:

Music law

  • Contract law and negotiations
  • Endorsement deals facilitation
  • Music event legal management
  • Company secretary
  • Project financing and supervision
  • Publishing and distribution matters
  • Content Acquisition, Licensing and Management
  • Facilitation and management of international relationships

Film law

  • Film company structuring (Production houses, distribution company, Joint ventures etc)
  • Legal Project Management (Pre production, production and post production phases)
  • Insurance (Intellectual property insurance and project insurance)
  • Project Financing (Investment facilitation, investment packaging)
  • Distribution and licensing matters Co-production project management

Sport Law

  • Client representation
  • Licensing (Merchandising, image licensing)