Olumide Mustapha is a media and entertainment attorney both in Nigeria and the UK. As an undergraduate he was a student of Sociology and economics at the University of Reading in the UK before embarking on his legal career by first qualifying - with Distinction - as a Solicitor from the College of Law UK, (and then practicing for a period), with a particular focus on International Commercial Law, Tax and Intellectual Property.

Since relocating back to Nigeria Olumide has been called to the Nigerian Bar with Honours and has since continued to focus on the area of media and entertainment law. He has represented, in numerous transactions, a number of clients within the media, telecommunications and technology sectors, in addition to representing a various range of participants in the music and film industries.

Being a corporate and commercial attorney with business (development) acumen Olumide has also represented clients in other commercial sectors and as a result he had had the opportunity to significantly participate in some extremely high value transactions. Said transactions include sourcing foreign investment for commercial exploitation of a national lottery license on behalf of the licensee; being part of the legal advisory team in the corporate restructuring of a large investment company, with respect to a State government becoming a shareholder and member of said company; advising on a public private partnership between a State Government and private entity for the digitisation of the State’s geographic information system and enterprise land administration.

Never being one to shy away from sharing his professional thoughts, opinions, and analyses, Olumide has written for, and been published on, a number of notable and widely read blogs on the legal issues surrounding the Nigerian entertainment industry. He is also on the Editorial Committee of the Intellectual Property Lawyers Association of Nigeria (IPLAN) and has contributed to the Association’s periodical journal with a number of articles on topics including trademarks, patents and copyright.

Based on his expertise and past experience Olumide has built a formidable network of contacts that allows his clients to enjoy a full suite of bespoke legal and business services that include the ability to source funds, conveniently acquire/produce valuable content, and license said content, in addition to ensuring general due diligence is carried out on all transactions and that good governance is practiced at all times whilst securing the most competitive terms for clients.

Olumide’s aim is to use his years of experience and expertise in international commercial and intellectual property law related matters, and strong network of contacts - both foreign and domestic - to contribute to the legal development of Nigerian enterprise structures and governance, and general business practice; thereby pushing the country closer towards fulfilling its socio-economic potential.


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