Disruptive Creative Economic Meeting (DCEM) is an educative and interactive entertainment business series supported by LegalByte and Technolawgical Partners. 


These series have three editions which includes:


(1) MasterClass Edition:


A four (4) hours intensive topic specific session with very limited number of participants. The intention of these master classes are to jumpstart the knowledge of various professionals in this area in order to provide and equip  them  with practical on-field experience of how to navigate the business to make more money and provide excellence service as professionals or talent as the case maybe.


A maximum of two experts in the topic field co-ordinate each session and a follow up interaction via emails or mentorships are available.


(2) Workshop Edition:


This refers to a 2-3days workshop/conference that happens bi-annually.


This edition allows for mini breakout sessions, opportunity for certification, networking with industry professionals, internship opportunities with related companies, job opportunities etc. The topics covered in these series are done on a broader overview scale.


(3) Stakeholders Edition:


This edition is specifically targeted at corporate stakeholders in the entertainment industry. It includes training, formulating and implementation of beneficial policies for the industry. It happens quarterly.



To begin the series, DCEM provides an intensive short course on The Business of Music Publishing which is primarily beneficial to stakeholder like composers (producers/songwriters), performers, talent managers, entertainment lawyers, event organizers, record label owners, movie producers, Media agencies, content creators and generally music exploiters .


This class will be facilitated and led by an International Music Business Attorney; Mr Olumide Mustapha. Olumide who is qualified to practice in England as well as Nigeria is actively involved in the  business of music publishing scene as a lawyer to a Warner /Chappell Music Signee(s), Universal Music Publishing Signee(s)  and business manager to the foremost music publishing company for specifically instrumental composers in Nigeria.


Event Date: May 17th 2018
Event Time: 12noon – 4pm
Event Title: The Business of Music Publishing
Contact : legalbyteng@gmail.com

Registration Cost: Twenty Five Thousand Naira Only.

Only 25 seats available.

To register for this event, please click this link https://goo.gl/forms/Zx3FB0W4IIKSYOW52



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