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As an upcoming artist there are a lot of things you need to do in order to be where you see yourself to be; and also push your talent out there to be exploited to bring in profits for you.  You have to dot your I’s, cross your T’s and put your house in order.

Here are a few things to do:

1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: This involves reading and studying about the music and entertainment industry. Find out the current places that are buzzing, where most bloggers or press are writing about. Ask the owners of these venues to give you a shot to perform, tell your friends and those who feel your music about your performance. Make sure they come so you will have people to boost your morale and those who don’t know you will think you have a massive wave out there already.


2. PERFORM GOOD SONGS: Find out when these venues features your kind of Songs; you cannot be playing rock on jazz nights. Make sure the songs you play are a great selection of your best work. What may have resonated with those in the local area may not go down well with an urban/uptight audience. At the end of the day you can chip in your fans’ favourite to boost your audience-reaction and step up the tempo.


3. BE PROFESSIONAL: This is one of the most important things to do in your career. Rehearse like you were meeting the president, think about your person and your type of style. Don’t be here and there at the same time; sending mixed messages to an audience is not the right way to be out there.

If your personality is the one that has to speak to be heard use it to your advantage if it’s that which your music speaks for you by all means use that. Allow your band to show who they are as well, allow for little freestyles that carries an audience along with the music being played.


4. ANNOUNCE YOURSELF, YOURSELF:  Some artiste and just come on to the stage and assume the audience knows them; you will be shocked how people just want to hear the music and don’t get your name. So before and after you perform always announce your stage name.

Even after the M.C or the anchor has mentioned your name do it again, who knows a record label A&R or Music executive, may be in that venue. So please always put a name to your face and make things easier.

5. LIVE PERFORMANCE: The use of live performances cannot be under estimated; it brings the audience closer to the Artist who is playing. Although in this part of the world most of our Artists would rather prefer to lip sync over a sound recording which is not bad if you can make the audience flow and not allow the record do more than you should.

As an upcoming artist you should play most of your sound recordings at gigs live, this allows your audience feel you and your kind of music, this is raw and undiluted. This also brings us back to the earlier point about having to rehearse and rehearse well with your band who you must always have a music connection with.


6. HAVE A BLOGGER OR PRESS MAN:  You don’t have to have an international reporter behind you, your local blogger or reporter is enough, and they are all around you; you just have to connect to the right person who believes in you and would want to work with you.

The idea is that through this process you get good reviews so that any Music lover, A&R, Record owner who sees this about you will want to see and connect with you themselves.

This Reporter or Blogger can have an agreement with you for putting him/her first as soon as you get a record deal as your official pressman, or have you pay him money per the events or gigs you attend.


7. PRESENT YOURSELF WELL: Presentation always matter a lot, however you are is how you will be addressed, always be ready at any time. You might ask the owner of a venue to put you on their list to perform and he/she says you could play that day.

Don’t be caught unawares and start giving excuses. Always have it at the back of your mind that any day is your day and be ready to give them what you said you have. EVERYWHERE IS A PLATFORM.


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