Every day As an Entrepreneur you will be faced with prioritizing your choices and decisions. You will have to Stop! Think Critically ! Organize your thoughts and improve your decisions. You as a go-getter with your mind set on your goals have to have personal convictions and assimilations of the followings;

  • Valuing Thinking.
  • Thinking Clearly. Simple Logic
  • Starting the process.
  • Focusing correctly.
  • Balancing priorities.
  • Anticipating pressure.



The above listed points are not all encompassing but will definitely guide you through a wonderful logical Decision making processes.

You must Remember that good decisions are the result of critical thinking and critical thinking takes time; a well scheduled one.

You would do yourself a great good to accept that it is not a sign of weakness to admit you do not have an answer to certain problems or challenges even though you must solve them. This bring you to mastering the art and process of decision making despite uncertainties and imperfections. You must learn to find and focus on the most crucial outcome; PRIORITY

As a Young Entrepreneur in Nigeria, You are faced with 10001 and more challenges but I can assure you that the NO. 1 challenge that cripples you most time is Your thoughts, Convictions and Perception. This NO.1 Challenge fuels the 1000 challenges well enough to clog your thinking and decision making ( In any other post, I’ll talk about subduing  the NO.1 Challenge).

You will agree with me that Decision making is an Art of eliminating problems or removing barriers to opportunities. So you must access the information you can get on the choices you have, think it through, then Decide and act swiftly.

For Instance, My team and I was having a tough time deciding on who to Partner with when we wanted to launch our clothing line @Aso_Aje

We had different suppliers and friends who were into the clothing and fashion business but briefly here was how we decided who.




VALUE We had to weigh on the significant reduction in operating costs
SUITABLE We had to strategically analyse whether the options fits in with our overall business model of forming a partnership
ACCEPTANCE Will the brand be accepted by our Artiste fan base and can be used by  our Artistes
FEASIBLE Does this Partner have the kind of expertise we seek ; creativity, understanding of African culture, Experience and capacity to deliver within time frame?
ENDURING How much impact do we have to had to put the product on good merchantable standard
HUMAN FACTOR How trust worthy and Manageable is the decision maker


You must also start to consider your thinking process. Intuitive thinking or Gut feeling has a place in every successful person’s core mind frame. Intuition is an perfected as a result of accumulated experience and the more experienced you are, the more your intuition.

Remember, Logical thinking and decision making is not Abracadabra from a Harry Potter magical wand nor a twinkle from a fairy lush. Your Mind and Brain must be set at It.

Think! Decide! Act!

Image Credit: www.jagranjosh.com


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