I.T Technical Support Officer

  1. Should have a Minimum degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, and certificate in Computer and Software Programming.
  2. Should know how to optimize content on media platforms and company’s website, provide a high standard of customer service and Search engine optimization
  3.  Would maintain the computer systems and networks within an organisation in a technical support role.
  4. Should be able to create custom made IT and Tech solutions to achieve yearly targets and reduce human influence
  5. Should have detailed knowledge and experience in data mining, data management, Content platform management
  6. Should have detailed knowledge on effective use of data for marketing and promotions.
  7. Should be informed and in-touch with latest data management practices and standards
  8. Should be able to work within time delivery time frame, achieve targets and under pressure
  9. Should be able to work without supervision and be a team player
  10.  Love for music and entertainment background is an added advantage


Additional Information

1.Please kindly send the following as an attachment to legalbyteng@gmail.com

-Curriculum Vitae (Max of 2 pages)

-Resume (Max of 1 page)

-Personal Statement (why you deserve the job) (Max of 1 page)

2. The Job might require you to sleep at work 3-4 times a week

3. Location is Lagos (Island)

4. If you are Lazy, uninspired, not ambitious, not purpose driven. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER



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