In this video, get exclusive insights from Mary Ramos, world-renowned music supervisor of Quentin Tarantino, as well as top executives at Warner & Imagem on why sync matters more than ever. From the never-ending quest for up-and-coming artists to unique opportunities provided to bands by successful sync placements, they share their vision about sync, now a more and more significant source of revenues for labels and publishers.
‘’We had plans to release the music, but the sync we did for this band has enabled them to come over to the UK, start touring, make some money, raise awareness, get Shazam tags, sell some records!’’ thus indicates Tim Miles, Director of Synchronization at Warner Music (UK).

– Tim Miles, Director of Synchronization, Warner Music (UK)
– Natasha Baldwin, Former Group President, Creative and Marketing, Imagem (UK)
– Mary Ramos, Music Supervisor of Quentin Tarantino, Saturday Music (USA)



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