Most artists often think of Spotify as a place where fans listen to music, but it is more than that these days.

Yes, fans rely on streaming services such as Spotify more and more every day but need the same interaction from social media platforms such as Facebook to stay updated and continue being listeners.

Here are some reasons why Spotify is important for artists to maintain their fans!

Spotify playlists

Screenshot 2017-05-31 01.29.12Curated playlists on Spotify are a really big deal in staying relevant and continuing to be discovered. Here are some reasons why playlists are important for musicians to maintain:
•    Creating playlists as an artist will show fans what songs and artists you enjoy listening to and be something fans can follow and interact with you through.
•    Update your playlists often so you always stay active on follower’s feeds.
•    Following and listening to your Discover Weekly playlists can help you discover new music to share it with your fans. You are an artist’s after all, you love discovering new music!
•    Encourage fans from Facebook to follow you on Spotify and your playlists.

Who are you?

If people are discovering your music on Spotify, you have to have a killer about you page!
•    Having pictures from your EPK makes a good start for your about page.
•    Look at other artists to see how their about pages read.
•    Give it character. You want your about you page to validate who you perceive yourself to be in your music so they can then go to our next portion, shows.


You’ve got your fans covered with playlists, told them who they are, now you have to let them know where they can see you!
•    Update your concert calendar on Spotify constantly when you get new shows so people discovering you have an idea when and where you’ll be near them.

Spotify is an amazing tool for musicians to have to showcase their music but like any social media platform such as Facebook, it needs to be tended to with care constantly.

These tips prove Spotify’s importance as a social media platform and can help improve your presence amongst fans.

Post by Joe Pacheco of Symphonic Blog


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