Unique Oliver

Unique Oliver is an undergraduate of the University of Ibadan and a budding 21st century lawyer with great passion for the digital media, the entertainment Industry and its legal and business framework.

He is actively pursuing a career in entertainment and media law and joined the law firm as an intern in March 2018 with deployed training in music acquisition and licensing during his first year of internship in the law firm. During his time, he worked with the partners in preparation for a meeting with one of the big 3 labels in the world for catalog acquisition and entrant market survey discussions. With his vast knowledge in inbound digital marketing, Unique is uniquely positioned to assist his team lead in advising on entertainment trends, marketing opportunities, entertainment branding, marketing strategy and monetization on intellectual assets.

His passion and training at the law firm led him to spear head the establishment of an Intellectual Property club in his school which has seen many trail blazing opportunities open up for its members in the legal world. He is currently advocating for the inclusion of the course intellectual property into his school curriculum. He is passionate about music and when he is not on the desk studying the law, he is a guitarist for live band performances and studio recordings sessions.